The BET Awards showed one video of Kamala Harris that made rapper Kendrick Lamar cringe

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The debate exposed Joe Biden’s senility to the public.

But Democrats are in a bind since Vice President Kamala Harris is less popular than senile Joe Biden.

And the BET Awards showed one video of Kamala Harris that made rapper Kendrick Lamar cringe.

Democrats are still in damage control mode after Joe Biden’s horrendous performance during last Thursday’s Presidential debate against Donald Trump.

Vice President Kamala Harris is leading the charge in trying to convince Democrats that Joe Biden is fine and his debate performance was just a bad night.

“Let us not decide the outcome of who’s going to be president of the United States based on a 90-minute debate,” Harris said. “Let’s measure that decision against the last three-and-a-half years, where we have seen extraordinary growth in our economy, where we have seen extraordinary growth in terms of what our standing in the world, what we have done to strengthen NATO and strengthen the relationship with our allies.”

During Sunday night’s BET Awards, one segment contained a video of Kamala Harris on a phone call with actress Taraji P. Henson.

In the video, Henson and Harris discuss the race between Biden and Trump.

“So what’s on your mind,” Harris says in the video on a phone call with Henson.

“Madame VP Harris, I’m worried about the election,” Henson said. “Women’s reproductive rights are on the line, our Supreme Court is on the line, our basic freedoms are being tested, Madam VP,” Henson continued. “I know you’ve been traveling across the country, what are you hearing?” 

“Yeah, girl I’m out here in these streets, and let me tell you — you’re right, Taraji, there is so much at stake in this moment,” Harris responded. “The majority of us believe in freedom and equality.”

Harris then tried to use a line from Kendrick Lamar’s diss track about Drake called Not Like Us.

“But these extremists, as they say — they ‘not like us,’” Harris said.

“Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’ is a recent ‘diss track’ in which the Los Angeles-based rapper accuses rival Drake of being a pedophile for dating younger women,” Fox News reported. “‘Not Like Us’ has emerged as a rallying cry in the hip-hop community in recent weeks.”

 Harris then claimed that Donald Trump wanted to turn America into a dictatorship where freedom is not allowed.

“There’s a full-on attack on our fundamental freedoms,” Harris cackled. “The freedom to vote, the freedom to love who you love, the freedom to be safe from gun violence, the freedom for a woman to make decisions about her own body and not having the government tell her what to do.”

Henson agreed and added her own list of freedoms that Donald Trump is allegedly trying to take away from them.

“They out here trying to take away Pride, Plan B, and Planned Parenthood, but protecting pistols,” she said. “If you ask me, they be pushing the wrong Ps.”

“They want to turn back the clock on our hard-fought progress,” Harris added.

Henson asked the Vice President what folks like her can do to help stop Donald Trump from turning America into a dictatorship.

“We will do what we’ve always done,” Harris said. “Fight for our freedoms.” 

“But here’s the thing, we cannot fight alone,” she ranted. “We need to get our families, our friends, co-workers, cousins, play cousins, aunties and uncles, get all of them to register to vote. That’s why I’ve been so busy, trying to make sure everyone is registered to vote and that they head to the ballot box on November 5.”

Harris’ video was so cringe that even Elon Musk chimed in with his own comment on the video.

“Toenail curling level of cringe,” Musk wrote under the video.