YouTube’s CEO plans to pick up where Biden’s Ministry of Truth left off and silence Americans on this critical issue

There is no question Big Media and Big Tech team up to silence conservative voices and opinions.

Which makes one wonder why the Biden administration felt the need to institute a Ministry of Truth in the first place.

Now YouTube’s CEO is promising to do the job of Biden’s failed Disinformation Governance Board when it comes to this critical issue.

President Joe Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board only lasted a few weeks before backlash led to an indefinite pause to the anti-free speech agency.

Meanwhile, YouTube – far from a free speech platform – has a long history of censoring speech it doesn’t like.

The largest conservative channel on YouTube, Louder with Crowder has been suspended multiple times and has been permanently demonetized.

During COVID and following the controversial results of the 2020 election, anyone posting opinions – or even facts – that didn’t go along with the Left’s approved narrative, had misinformation labels on their content.

Those misinformation labels contained links to fact check sites – exclusively run by Left-wing sources like the Washington Post and Snopes.

Now, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says she’s prepared to ban videos she disagrees with about abortion.

It’s the latest radical proclamation from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“We are definitely investing a huge amount to make sure that we’re fighting misinformation and there are number of different ways that we look at this,” Wojcicki said. “The first would be from a policy standpoint. We would look at content that we would think about in terms of being violative of our policies.”

The woke leader of YouTube went on to list some examples of the video platform’s part censorship.

“So, if you look at COVID, for example, we came up with 10 different policies that would be violative. Like an example of that would be saying that COVID came from something other than a virus,” Wojcicki added. “And we did see people attacking 5G equipment, for example, because they thought that it was causing COVID. So that would just be an example of a policy that we would remove.”

It didn’t stop there, for example, Louder with Crowder was suspended for quoting CDC COVID policy that the Biden administration hadn’t yet recognized and the World Health Council disagreed with.

Wojcicki looks at YouTube as one of the leaders in Cancel Culture.

“So, we do remove content based on those policies,” Wojcicki added. “We actually publish that in a transparency report.”

As you can see in the above video, she said the second step is pushing so-called “authoritative information” higher up the algorithm.

Authoritative sources include the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Vox, The Daily Show, and other radical left-wing outlets.

The third step, according to Wojcicki is hiding channels with views that don’t line up with the narrative from searches and demonetizing those content creators.

Wojcicki said with the potential overruling of Roe v. Wade coming down the pike, abortion is a subject YouTube censors will be paying close attention to and applying their three-stem system.

“Our goal, generally, is to speak up on the issues that we see really matter to our employees, and that really matter to our user base,” Wojcicki said. “And this is an issue that is going to have a dramatic implications. Because it’s early and it’s draft, we have spoken internally at a high level, but we are still waiting to understand what the final wording is, and what the final implications are. And based on what is actual real then we’ll take whatever necessary steps in terms of having to comply with it, but also try to figure out how to make sure that we are supporting our employees, and doing what we can to interpret this in a way that makes sense for our user base.”

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