You’ll never guess who is bankrolling Liz Cheney’s doomed campaign

2021 has been a challenging year for many Americans, but Liz Cheney keeps making it even more difficult for herself.

Cheney voted to impeach President Trump in January and has played a lead role in Nancy Pelosi’s sham January 6 investigation putting a target on her back for her reelection.

Now you’ll never guess who is bankrolling Liz Cheney’s doomed campaign.

Prior to Cheney becoming one of Nancy Pelosi’s favorite RINOs and her apparent Never-Trump conversion, she voted in line with President Trump 92.9% of the time, according to FiveThirtyEight’s vote tracker, whereas Elisa Stefanik who replaced her in House leadership voted with Trump just 77.7% of the time.

What’s changed since January 5, 2021 besides Cheney’s anti-Trump attitude was her newfound donors who coincidentally also fund the scandal-plagued Lincoln Project.

The Wyoming “Republican” reportedly raised over $55,000 from these Lincoln Project losers.

A top Lincoln Project donor, Ron Conway, gave Cheney & Cheney-related campaign committees $21,600.

John Pritzker, another billionaire Lincoln Project donor, also gave Liz $21,600.

Martha Karsh, Stephen Mandel, and Christy Walton have also parachuted in to help fund Liz Cheney’s re-election campaign and coincidentally enough they are all also prominent donors to the Lincoln Project.

Cheney’s anti-Trump antics have earned her a tough primary challenge from Harriet Hageman, a Trump-endorsed lawyer.

And now a group of high-profile conservatives, including former Senator Jim DeMint, are urging Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to kick her out of the Republican Party entirely.

Whether it was the promise of campaign cash or the promise of praise from leftists and the Fake New Media, we’ll never know what it was that truly corrupted Cheney’s heart.

What we do know is that she’s dug herself a big hole and Right News Wire’s staff doubts that there’ll be enough Lincoln Project cash to get her out of it.

But what’s truly unfortunate about this whole sad affair is that all of it could’ve been avoided if she’d just followed Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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