You’ll be speechless when you see why Paul Ryan called out Fox News

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan hates Donald Trump.

But now Ryan is going after a new target.

And you’ll be speechless when you see why Paul Ryan called out Fox News.

Paul Ryan is one of the Mitt Romney/John McCain style RINOs looking to seize back control of the Republican Party from Donald Trump and his conservative supporters.

In an appearance on CNBC, Ryan lamented on the fact that Republicans refused to roll over and immediately agree to new gun control laws disarming American citizens in the wake of the tragedy in Texas.

“What is new is, in this sort of 21st century digital age, polarization is obviously rampant in America, but it comes to Congress,” Ryan stated.

Ryan claimed Congress could not pass mass amnesty, gun control, or easily raise the debt ceiling because of what he called the “entertainment wing” of the Republican Party.

“We have an entertainment wing of the House of the Republican and Democratic Party,” Ryan added.

Ryan claimed that social media and cable news allowed members of Congress to become instant stars, whereas in his day, in order to achieve power, members of Congress had to prove their loyalty to the D.C. swamp through years of voting for big government sellouts.

“The old meritocracy that takes 10, 20 years to climb to be a good policymaker? You can just leapfrog that whole process, be a really good entertainer, have an incredible presence digitally, and forget about policymaking and curate a brand for yourself. And so you have entertainers in Congress now,” Ryan added.

Ryan did tell CNBC he knew that when he became Speaker of the House in 2015, it was the end of his career, as he would now have to continuously work to fund Barack Obama’s agenda.

“When I decided to become Speaker, which actually wasn’t my goal, I knew I was capping myself politically, but that was fine. I was okay with that. Because I knew the job requires consensus dealmaking,” Ryan stated.

Ryan blamed all of this on Fox News and conservative media.

In Ryan’s telling, Republican voters would be better off just getting all their news from the left-wing media.

“People get their device, they get their cable, their website that algorithmically tells them what they want to hear, that self reinforces and that divides us,” Ryan concluded.

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