You’ll be shocked at what these Black Lives Matter radicals just did

Black Lives Matter rioters have spent the past year burning down cities across the nation.

Anyone who disagreed with their Marxist agenda was shouted down or assaulted.

And now you’ll be shocked at what these Black Lives Matter radicals just did.

Black Lives Matter has been around for years. 

They have been trying to push their racist ideas into the mainstream since the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

But the movement never really gained major traction until the death of George Floyd last year.

They aren’t afraid to riot, loot, and murder to get what they feel they are entitled to.

Stealing expensive electronics and clothes from the local businesses they burn down is just par for the course.

And just recently, another black man was killed by police in the riot-rocked city of Minneapolis.

The rioters lit dumpsters on fire, smashed windows, and attacked police who were trying to keep the peace. 

They even graffitied buildings saying that officers involved don’t deserve a trial and imploring people to “kill cops.”

The problem with the outrage is that the black man who was killed was a criminal. 

In fact, officers were attempting to apprehend him for possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. 

Unfortunately, the suspect refused to obey commands and drew a handgun on the officers.

Officers had to shoot to subdue the attempted murderer – but because he happened to be black, thousands poured into the street to riot. 

It’s no surprise that after discussing defunding the Minneapolis Police Department, the city’s leaders actually allocated $6.4 million to hire more officers because of the spike in crime under Biden’s administration.

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