You’ll be red with rage when you learn who Biden wants to give a pay raise

American workers and their families are struggling right now because of Joe Biden’s failed Leftist policies.

Inflation is at historic highs, America’s supply chain disruptions are showing no signs of stopping, and it will cost you an arm and a leg to fill up your gas tank.

And instead of dealing with any of these problems, Biden is planning on making them worse by giving a pay raise to his biggest supporters.

That’s right!

Joe Biden is poised to give the biggest pay raise in two decades to Deep State Democrats!

Following his State of the Union Address on March 1st, Joe Biden will lay out his fiscal budget requests for 2023.

And one of the items he is requesting is a 4.6 percent pay raise, which would take effect in January 2023.

Now, you may be wondering, why?

Why, would Joe Biden do this when inflation is wreaking havoc on our economy?

When pondering such things, it’s best to follow the old adage, follow the money.

Unsurprisingly, Biden bureaucrats routinely give more money to the candidates and political party that promises to grow and expand government and thus keep them employed.

In 2016, ninety-five percent of all political donations went to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

In 2020, 72.63 percent of donations went to Democrats and only 24.15 percent went to Republicans.

In fact, every federal agency reportedly gave more money to Democrats than Republicans in 2020.

Here are some of the “highlights” of blatant political favoritism displayed by our so-called public servants:

  • Health & Human Services: 93.08% – Democrats, 6.92% – Republicans
  • State Department: 53.86% – Democrats, 46.14% – Republicans
  • U.S. Postal Service: 61.82% – Democrats, 38.18% – Republicans
  • Department of Veterans Affairs: 77.68% – Democrats, 22.32% – Republicans
  • Department of Justice: 87.6% – Democrats, 12.4% – Republicans
  • Environmental Protection Agency: 90.12% – Democrats, 9.88% – Republicans
  • Department of Homeland Security: 70.65% – Democrats, 29.35% – Republicans
  • Education Department: 97.06% – Democrats, 2.94% – Republicans

Some will try to explain away these stats by making it all about President Trump.

They’ll argue that his “Drain The Swamp” rhetoric turned the bureaucrats against him, which is why they gave in such high numbers to Democrats.

But they’d be wrong.

The political favoritism displayed by these government employees goes back years and years and cannot be attributed to one particular administration or another.

Although, it could explain the reason why President Trump and his Republican predecessors and successors have and will have problems draining the DC swamp.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

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