You’ll be outraged when you learn why a RINO governor is siding with the Left

The radical Left is on the march.

Unfortunately, too many establishment Republicans are indulging in the Left’s lunacy.

And you’ll be outraged when you learn why a RINO governor is siding with the Left.

Many conservatives have argued that establishment Republicans are simply progressives driving the speed limit.

Such is the case with Utah governor Spencer Cox, who is siding with the radical Left in the trangender sports debate.

Over the past few years, biological male athletes have begun competing in female sports, and they’re dominating and breaking records.

Conservatives—and even radical feminists—are pushing back against the “woke” insanity by sponsoring bills that separate the sports divisions by biological, but some Republicans are standing in the way.

Breitbart reported that, “Governor Spencer Cox says he will veto a transgender sports ban passed by the state legislature on Friday. Without Cox’s signature, the law protecting female athletes from having to compete against males identifying as females will likely fail. The governor specifically addressed trans athletes whom he feels have been unfairly thrust into the middle of a contentious political debate.”

Cox added, “I just want them to know that it’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna work through this.”

Cox made zero sense when he said, “We’re gonna work through this.”

There is nothing to “work through.”

Radical leftists are attempting to redefine the word “woman” to mean whatever they want it to mean, and policies are being written in support of this deranged ideology.

Radical gender theory is no longer a crackpot idea cooked up in a far-left department at a university; it is now being codified into law with real-world consequences.

Biological males convicted of sex crimes are being allowed to serve time in women’s prisons, and some have raped their female prison mates.

Girls are missing out on college scholarship opportunities as a result.

Also, women’s records are being decimated.

One of the most stark examples involves University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, who was born William Thomas.

When competing against men, Thomas ranked 462nd, but competing against women, Thomas is currently ranked 1st and has aims on smashing records set by Olympic star Katie Ledecky.

Cox and other weak-kneed Republicans are allowing this to stand, and girls and women are paying the price.

The Left know they are not winning the argument, which is why Thomas’ story is being ignored by the corporate sports media.

They know the optics are terrible, so they downplay the story as much as possible.

Cox has shown himself to be part of the problem.

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