You’ll be furious over the reason a high school football coach in Georgia just lost his job

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Traditional Christian values have been under attack in America for years.

Leftists are determined to remove God from society.

And you’ll be furious over the reason a high school football coach in Georgia just lost his job.

America was founded on the traditional Christian values of individual liberty, free markets, and Constitutional government.

But the Left has been waging a war on traditional values for decades in an effort to remove God from society and turn America into a socialist nation.

Joe Biden’s Department of Justice used the corrupt FBI to harass, intimidate, and arrest pastors and other Christians for praying in front of abortion clinics.

In Philadelphia, an FBI SWAT team even raided the home of one pastor and arrested him at gunpoint in front of his family.

The religious liberty of all Americans is also under attack.

In many places across the country, leftists are banning prayer in school and in all public places.

And now a high school football coach in Georgia has allegedly been fired for holding a baptism for 20 players on school grounds last month.

“Tattnall County High School (TCHS) head football coach Isaac Ferrell has been fired from his position,” WSAV reported. “It comes nearly three weeks after he held a Christian baptism for some of his players after practice,” WSAV continued. “Twenty players were baptized by Pastor Gary Few in a ceremony after practice on Oct. 23 behind the high school football field at the behest of Ferrell, who is still employed in the Tattnall County School District (TCSD) as a teacher.”

“I was extremely proud of him because he made the decision on his own,” Latifa Johnson, a mother of a player baptized, told reporters. “I didn’t have to hold his hand, and he did it because he wanted to do it.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) blasted the ceremony in an article where they claimed it was illegal under the First Amendment.

“A concerned district community member informed the state/church watchdog that Tattnall County High School football coach Isaac Ferrell has been using his position to push his personal religious beliefs onto players,” FFRF wrote in a letter to the school. “On Oct. 24, Ferrell reportedly invited a local pastor to attend football practice during which he was allowed to proselytize students and baptize them on school grounds.”

“The district must refrain from infusing its football program with religion, and coach Ferrell cannot be allowed to preach to student athletes or allow a local pastor to preach to and baptize students,” FFRF added.

And on November 3, two days after the FFRF letter, coach Isaac Ferrell was fired from his position at Tattnall County.

FFRF’s attorney, Chris Line, celebrated the removal of Ferrell from his job as coach.

“We are glad they are looking for a new coach who will abide by his constitutional duties,” Line wrote in a statement to reporters.

The Left is waging an all-out war on Christianity in America.

Even in South Georgia, in the heart of the “Bible Belt,” coaches are being fired for allowing players to accept Jesus Christ on public school property.

This should serve as a wakeup call to Christians to stand up and fight back.

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