You won’t believe who just blasted Kamala Harris over her trip to the border

The world has been watching Kamala Harris and waiting for her to address the crisis at the southern border.

Since being tapped as Biden’s point person for the immigration issue, Harris has been largely quiet. But after months of waiting, the VP finally made her way down to the southern border.

And you won’t believe who just blasted Kamala Harris over her trip to the border.

Democrats cheered when Kamala finally announced she would be visiting the southern border.

Many in her party breathed a sigh of relief, believing this might finally tamp down the raucous cries for the administration to do something about the crisis unfolding in the southern portion of the U.S.

Republicans have been blasting Harris for months over her lack of action in resolving the massive influx of illegal immigrants.

But it’s never a surprise when the opposing party attacks.

However, it is a surprise when your own party attacks, and that is just what’s happening to Kamala Harris over this recent border visit.

Texas Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar appeared on Fox News and blasted Harris for traveling to El Paso, which is nowhere near the center of the current crisis.

Cuellar called Harris’ trip a “box-checking” exercise, which, many argue, is precisely what it was, especially given she turned around quickly and flew home to LA instead of staying at the border and observing the actual crisis firsthand.

The border problem was created by the Democrats when, in their infinite wisdom, they immediately overturned every Trump-era immigration policy solely because it was put in place by Donald Trump.

Well, now the Dems are being forced to sleep in the bed they made.

Experts predict that up to 2,000,000 illegal aliens will try to enter the United States in 2021, all because Biden was so desperate to be the “anti-Trump” that he flung the doors open on the border.

Democrats are desperately trying to make this issue go away, but it appears to be far too late.

There is no doubt that this one issue will hurt Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, and they can only blame themselves and their bumbling leader, Joe Biden.

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