You won’t believe who just admitted mask mandates aren’t working

The never-elected Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul is extending mask mandates in the Empire State at least to February.

And her Fake News Media allies are hoping other Democrat Governors will follow Gov. Hochul’s lead.

But there is one hold out in the Democrat Party and the Left is losing their collective mind over his recent comments on mask mandates.

The Connecticut press has been all over Governor Ned Lamont, blasting him for not following suit with Hochul and issuing mask mandates and proof of vaccination.

But as you can see in the video below, Lamont had harsh words for Hochul’s strategy.

When asked about implementing a mask mandate like the one issued in New York, Lamont said, “It’s not curbing the spike down in New York City, which is probably ground zero.”

But before you start printing your “Lamont 2024” buttons, calm down.

The next sentence out of his mouth, Lamont praised boosters.

“But if I think about things, I certainly think about nursing homes and other congregant settings, where I think the booster shot is the number one priority to make sure everybody who can be boosted is boosted.”

Lamont says the booster is his next priority.

He has previously said he’s going to leave mask mandate decisions up to local communities in the Constitution State.

The Connecticut Governor said he’s also interested in setting up digital health cards – or Vaccine Passports – in his State.

“What I want to do is get that digital health card [and] make it available to every single business, restaurant, store,” Lamont said. “Let them make the right decision in terms of allowing people into their facility. Letting them have the information [that] if a person’s unvaccinated, they’ve got to wear a mask. I don’t think we need more mandates than that.”

Still sounds like a mandate.

Meanwhile, back in New York, businesses that don’t comply with Hochul’s mask mandate will face fines of $1,000 per violation.

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