You won’t believe which celebrities were invited to Obama’s birthday party

Since leaving the White House, Barack Obama has spent his time partying with celebrities.

He has essentially become a star himself, even owning his own production company.

And you won’t believe which celebrities were invited to Obama’s birthday party.

Barack and Michelle Obama have become mega-rich since leaving the White House.

After creating their own production company, they have put out movies and television shows on Netflix, raking in tens of millions of dollars.

Not only that, but both the Obama’s have released massively popular books, and even scored Grammys for the audio-book versions of said books.

With all the money they have raked in, they have gone on a real estate buying spree, with their crown jewel being an $11.75 million mansion in Martha’s Vineyard.

And with all his money and fame, Obama is throwing a birthday bash for his 60th birthday, reportedly being attended by a who’s who collection of Hollywood stars and power players.

According to sources speaking to The Hill, his party will include elite guests like Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney.

Both Winfrey and Clooney campaigned for Obama before and during his Presidency.

“It’s going to be big,” one source told The Hill.

Other A-listers are attending the lavish party, although the source did not name them.

Obama has become known for his star-studded birthday bashes.

His 50th birthday party, in 2011, was held in Chicago, costing attendees $35,800 for a ticket as a campaign fundraiser.

That event was attended by celebrities like music stars Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder, Hollywood actors Tom Hanks and Chris Rock, and basketball legends Charles Barkley and Grant Hill.

The only thing known about requirements for this birthday bash is that attendees are being asked to have a coronavirus test before attending.

His party is happening at a time where Democrat politicians are warning people not to hold big events – like the one Obama is hosting – over concerns with the delta variant of coronavirus.

But those rules never apply to the political elites, who can do whatever they want.

When coronavirus lockdowns were at their peak, officials like Nancy Pelosi and California Governor Gavin Newsom were caught in public places, unmasked, despite orders telling the common people they can’t do the same.

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