You won’t believe what Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says will fix the supply chain problem

America is in crisis.

Joe Biden has destroyed the country in just his first year in office and his administration continues to try and cover for him.

And you won’t believe what Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says will fix the supply chain problem.

It’s no secret that Christmas shopping is going to be challenging this year due to the broken supply chain.

Favorites like game consoles, toys, clothing, and shoes – will be in short supply.

And you can thank Joe Biden for the problem.

According to a recent Rasmussen report, most Americans do not believe the Biden administration is doing enough to address the supply chain crisis, and they’re right.

A record number of ships are waiting off the coast of California unable to unload goods, which is directly driving the supply chain issues and causing prices to skyrocket.

Due to Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate the trucking industry is facing a massive labor shortage, so the crisis continues to grow.

So, yes, those who responded to the recent survey are correct – this is Joe Biden’s fault.

Of course, in typical leftist fashion, Biden’s administration is trying to deflect and place the blame on something else.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is telling Americans that the only way to fix the supply chain crisis is to end the pandemic.

Buttigieg must be sleeping because most Americans have long since moved on with their normal lives rather than worrying about the “pandemic,” but he continues to harp on it.

And how does the Transportation Secretary propose we end the pandemic – vaccines, of course.

It all comes back to the vaccine.

“First of all, we’ve got to deal with the pandemic. This is largely a pandemic-driven set of issues, so the surest way to deal with it is to end the pandemic, which is why we have this vaccination campaign and everything else we’re doing. That’s the first part,” Buttigieg said during a recent interview.

Democrats are determined to get every American vaccinated and they will blame quite literally anything on those who refuse to end the pandemic by getting vaccinated.

The supply chain issue has nothing to do with people being vaccinated and everything to do with Joe Biden’s socialist policies and mismanagement of the country.

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