You won’t believe what this Hill staffer said about Republicans after Nancy Pelosi was caught maskless at a crowded event

Democrats continue to flaunt their hypocrisy for all the world to see and then wonder why voters are so angry.

The authoritarian COVID mandates shed light on just how little many Democrats think of the everyday American as they violated their own orders so they could carry on with a normal life while their constituents were locked in their homes.

And you won’t believe what this Hill staffer said about Republicans after Nancy Pelosi was caught maskless at a crowded event.

The mask debate continues to rage on despite clear data that they do not provide the protection Democrats and Dr. Fauci want you to believe they do.

Even worse, most Democrats don’t even follow the mask mandates making it even more unbelievable that they are being implemented for everyone’s “safety.”

Gavin Newsom, Rashid Tlaib, and even Joe Biden have all been caught without masks at indoor events despite carrying on and demanding that every American wear one.

And, of course, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House who has fined fellow members of Congress and cut their salaries for not wearing masks on the floor, has been caught multiple times in public without a mask.

Clearly the rules don’t apply to Queen Nancy.

It also doesn’t seem to phase her that she’s been caught repeatedly without a mask because she just did it again.

Breitbart recently released photos of Nancy Pelosi, once again maskless, in a crowded room and those in the room with her were wearing masks, but again the rules don’t apply to Nancy.

Well, a Hill staffer took it upon herself to lash out at Republicans for being anti-mask and it didn’t go so well for her.

Robyn Patterson tweeted, “Now that Omicron has emerged, I wonder if any Republican Hill staffers regret embracing anti-mask sentiment as a personality trait.”

The backlash was quick and fierce.

Emma-Jo Morris of Breitbart News tweeted in response, “How many minutes apart was the photo below taken from when you posted this tweet?” and linked to an article from her outlet clearly showing Pelosi maskless at a large gathering.

Senator Josh Hawley’s Press Secretary, Abigail Marone, tweeted back a response that included several photos of Pelosi ignoring mask mandates including the most famous of them all a photo of Pelosi maskless in a hair salon getting her hair done during a time salons were supposed to be closed.

Again, Nancy Pelosi does not care about masks and she knows, just as much as the next guy, that they don’t protect you from COVID, but this isn’t about safety and it never was – it’s about power.

Nancy Pelosi loves her power and loves making the “little people” jump through hoops just to lead a normal life while she breaks every rule she puts in place.

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