You won’t believe what this Fox News host just said about Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory has been sticking its claws into every institution across the nation. 

Its proponents won’t be satisfied until the country is completely destroyed.

And you won’t believe what this Fox News host just said about Critical Race Theory.

With the death of George Floyd and the explosion of Black Lives Matter riots across the nation last year, Critical Race Theory began to weasel its way into government bureaus, corporate offices, and public schools.

The main tenet of the Marxist theory is that the United States was founded by racists for racists.

Racial minorities are doomed to eternal squalor and strife unless the government forcibly diverts money into reparations and indoctrinates every man, woman, and child to associate white skin color with imperialism, racism, and evil. 

And this Fox News host just unleashed on the divisive ideology.

During his Sunday Fox News show, Mark Levin exposed the Marxist roots of the theory, saying “Critical race theory is not about learning the history of America. It is not about learning slavery and segregation. It’s not about learning about neo-Nazis and the klan. It is about a Marxist movement, invented by the Marxists, Herbert Marcuse, Derrick Bell, and many, many others. And it attracts Marxists like Black Lives Matter founders, two or three of them already said they were Marxists. And that’s not a coincidence.”

He then asked where Marxism has ever worked:

“Where on the face of the Earth has Marxism not ended up in the slaughtering of tens of millions of people? The imprisonment of tens of millions of people? The silencing of hundreds of millions of people?”

Thankfully, more and more Americans are waking up to this reality and protesting it being taught to their children in schools. 

But with socialist Joe Biden at the helm, we’re in for a long fight.

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