You won’t believe what the military just said about transgenders

The United States military should be focused on defending America from our nation’s enemies.

But Biden is doing everything he can to make that impossible.

And you won’t believe what the military just said about transgenders.

One of the first things Joe Biden did as President was scrap President Trump’s ban on transgender people from serving the military.

Of course, this isn’t the only politicization of our nation’s fighting force President Biden has pushed.

Under his administration, the Department of Defense has been promoting Critical Race Theory and hunting down any service member who disagrees with its Marxist propaganda.

And now it’s getting even worse.

Joe Biden’s Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Dennis McDonough just came out saying the VA would be expanding access to care for transgender veterans. 

You would hope that means treating their cancer, PTSD, or other ailments.

But you would be wrong. 

McDonough’s plan is to waste VA funds on sex reassignment surgeries for veterans, saying it helps overcome a “dark history” of discrimination. 

“This time [two years] will allow VA to develop capacity to meet the surgical needs that transgender veterans have called for and deserved for a long time, and I am proud to begin the process of delivering it,” McDonough said.

“We’re making these changes not only because they are the right thing to do but because they can save lives,” he continued.

If McDonough was so concerned with saving lives, maybe he’d use the millions that will be wasted mutilating mentally ill people for trying to prevent the thousands of veteran suicides that happen every year.

In fact, close to 20 veterans and active duty service members commit suicide each day, but Biden and his radical leftist puppets are more concerned with getting political brownie points from their base than actually helping the brave men and women who defend our nation. 

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