You won’t believe what radical agenda AT&T’s girl next door spokesperson is peddling now

Apparently, leftists had to pull out the big guns to push their pro-death campaign.

With Roe v. Wade in front of the Supreme Court, one actress is bragging about her “beautifully boring abortion.”

You won’t believe what radical leftist agenda AT&T’s girl next door spokesperson is peddling now.

The AT&T Commercial Girl is lending her skills to hawk death for babies instead of cell phones.

Celebrities have been falling over themselves to push abortion, since it became clear there’s a good chance the current panel of Supreme Court justices are likely to overturn Roe v. Wade.

But obviously guilt-ridden abortion stories like Cecily Strong’s confession in a pitiful SNL skit only highlight the pain caused by abortion.

Then Milana Vayntrub stepped in to show how it’s done.

The “This is Us” actress not only stars in AT&T commercials—she also directs them.

And her recent opinion piece in Daily Beast is a cold and calculated bid to shame the millions of women struggling and in need of post-abortion healing.

According to the comedian, only the birth of a “chosen” baby is “bearable.”

She says she’s “grateful for the beautifully boring abortion” she had in the past and only thinks about it when she’s feeling sorry for those who can’t get one easily.

“This is not a drill, people. All of us with a uterus may soon be stripped of the constitutional right to an abortion. Forced pregnancy and birth sounds medieval—as medieval as secret, unsafe abortions. And yet, here we are.”

Naturally, no where in the Constitution is a woman granted the right to kill anyone simply because they aren’t a convenient part of life at any given moment, but leftists have never allowed facts or ethics to get in the way of their goals.

Vayntrub no doubt sees herself as an avenging hero for oppressed women everywhere, however ever since Roe v. Wade became law, vulnerable American women have found themselves practically bullied into treating their unplanned babies as a worthless gob of cells.

Organizations that deal with helping women overcome deep scars from abortion know that pain can be carried forward for decades.

According to research, After Abortion says about 70% of all women who get abortions are ambivalent about it and feel pressure to abort their child.

Other studies show women who have abortions are six to seven times more likely to commit suicide than women who give birth.

A minority of women, including Vayntrub are, “low risk” for long term mental health issues following an abortion because they truly embrace a warped view of the world that says killing your own baby is just fine unless you happen to feel like becoming a mom.

And that minority is doing everything they can to convince other women they don’t have what it takes to follow their hearts and protect their babies.

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