You won’t believe what Nancy Pelosi just did to Marjorie Taylor Greene and these three other GOP House Members

The Democrats and the radical Left are determined to do whatever it takes to silence and shut down their political opposition.

This includes Big Tech banning several prominent conservatives from using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the other popular social media platforms.

But you won’t believe what Nancy Pelosi just did to Marjorie Taylor Greene and these three other GOP House Members.

Nancy Pelosi is known for ruling the House with an iron fist.

Virtually nothing is off the table for Pelosi when it comes to dishing out punishment to her political enemies in Congress.

And Pelosi proved exactly how far she’s willing to go this week when she fined four GOP members of Congress $500 for refusing to wear a mask on the House floor in direct violation of Pelosi’s authoritarian COVID rules governing the lower chamber.

Pelosi also issued warnings to seven other Republican Representatives, including widely popular freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, that future violations could reach as high as $2,500.

But apparently the members are flat-out ignoring Nancy Pelosi’s warning.

In fact, Kentucky Republican Representative Thomas Massie, who also received a warning from Pelosi, posted a picture on his Twitter account showing him “filing” – aka tossing in the trash – both of the warnings he received from Pelosi.


Of course, Pelosi’s mask mandate is based purely on partisan politics, not science.

In fact, the CDC just released new guidelines saying that vaccinated Americans no longer needed to wear a mask when indoors.

And on Thursday, the Biden Administration did away with the White House mask mandate, allowing folks to take off their masks and walk around freely for the first time in several months.

However, Nancy Pelosi is still requiring members to wear a mask when on the House floor – or face up to $2,500 in fines.

Rep. Massie has pointed out that most members and staff are no longer wearing masks in the hallways or in their offices, meaning the masks on the House floor are all theatrics for the TV cameras.