You won’t believe what Joe Biden just declared “the most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland”

Americans are growing more concerned by the day.

A caravan of thousands of illegal aliens are marching toward the southern border.

But you won’t believe what Joe Biden just declared “the most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.”

America is facing a crisis on multiple fronts.

Record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens are flooding across our wide open southern border.

Inflation is soaring, with the price of everything from gas to groceries skyrocketing.

The supply chain is breaking down, leading to a shortage of goods in stores nationwide.

And the country is more divided than at any time in recent history.

But according to the Biden administration, there’s a much larger, more “lethal threat” that should be a top concern of the American people – Trump supporters.

“I’ve said it before — and all my colleagues here know it,” said Biden during remarks celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the dedication of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

“According to the United States intelligence community, domestic terrorism from white supremacists is the most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland,” Biden added.

Of course, the Biden administration caught fire after Attorney General Merrick Garland recently instructed the FBI to spy on and arrest parents concerned about mask mandates and Critical Race Theory, calling them “domestic terrorists.”

And during his remarks, Biden bragged about the FBI treating concerned parents like domestic terrorists.

“To that end, our administration is carrying out the first-ever comprehensive effort to tackle the threat posed by domestic terrorism, including white supremacy,” declared Biden.

Biden then attacked efforts to secure our elections, such as Voter ID laws, as nothing but an effort by white supremacists to suppress the vote of black and minority Americans.

“Time and again, we’ve witnessed threats to the right to vote in free and fair elections come to fruition. Each time, we fought back. And we’ve got to continue to fight back today,” said Biden.

“But look, the focus is going to remain on discrimination and racial discriminatory laws — Georgia’s vicious new anti-voting laws,” Biden added.

Polls show the majority of Americans support Voter ID laws.

And with all the problems facing our nation, Joe Biden going after Trump supporters by claiming they’re the most “lethal threat” to the homeland will likely make his approval ratings drop even lower.

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