You won’t believe what Joe Biden just admitted about his unconstitutional vaccine mandate

Joe Biden has made it his mission in life to force an untested vaccine on every person in the United States.

He doesn’t care how it’s done or whether his mandates are legal or not, he just wants people vaccinated.

And you won’t believe what Joe Biden just admitted about his unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

Americans are furious with Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, and Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care.

These authoritarian mandates handed down by the Biden regime are destroying an already suffering economy.

In September, Biden announced new rules that would require businesses with more than 100 employees to require vaccinations or put in place tedious mitigation measures.

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party made it clear that Americans will comply with the mandates no matter what.

Just the other day, however, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals put a pause on Biden’s mandate because of “Constitutional concerns.”

So, while some breathe a sigh of relief as the courts fight it out, others are pointing out the very calculated way Biden planned to impose the mandate.

When Biden announced the tyrannical mandate, the country was told that it would not be enforced until January 4.

Interesting date.

Why not enforce it immediately if the vaccine is so important, as Biden claims it is?

Simple – any date before Christmas would mess with the shopping season.

Yes, that’s how important the public’s health is to Joe Biden – so important he isn’t implementing a supposed health mandate until after the Christmas shopping season.

Democrats continue to prove how this vaccine has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with turning America into a socialist nation.

The U.S. economy is already tanking thanks to Joe Biden and the supply chain issues continue to get worse with each passing day, so clearly the President didn’t want to add to that by forcing vaccinations on people because then stores might be forced to lay workers off.

Again, it has nothing to do with your health or anyone’s health – this is all about control.

Anyone who believes otherwise is sorely mistaken, especially since Biden plans to have spies check on companies with more than 100 employees to ensure they’re obeying the regime’s orders.

This is a massive power grab by Joe Biden and the Democrat Party and it should shake every American to their core.

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