You won’t believe what Joe Biden did to Fox News to try and protect himself

It’s no secret Joe Biden and the Democrat Party aren’t the best of friends with the Fox News network.

Many of the network’s viewers are Trump loyalists and have little use for Biden.

And you won’t believe what Joe Biden did to Fox News to try and protect himself.

Joe Biden’s first year in office has been one crisis after another.

But the situation at the southern border seems to be the biggest thorn in Biden’s side and, quite frankly, the biggest threat to the United States’ safety at the moment.

Biden and his staff continue to try and ignore the surge of illegal aliens flooding in through the border, but it’s getting more difficult for them to pretend it’s not happening.

Last week footage made its way around the Internet of 10,000 Haitian illegal aliens huddled under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas after crossing the border.

Fox News, via an aerial drone, was giving Americans a glimpse into the horror occurring in Del Rio.

Clearly the White House didn’t want anyone knowing about what was happening and started censoring the news.

It’s Biden’s go to move – just make the news go away.

According to Bill Melugin, a Fox News reporter, a two-week temporary flight restriction order was put in place by the FAA over the bridge where the Haitians were huddling together.

This stopped the network from being able to fly the drone and capture images of the crisis.

Joe Biden continues to use the government and all its agencies to try and censor the free flow of information.

Biden doesn’t want Americans to know what’s really happening, so he calls in his government cronies and stops it.

This is a clear abuse of Presidential power, but the Left doesn’t care.

Had Donald Trump done something like this, they would have called for his head – or at least attempted to impeach him a third time.

The hypocrisy is astonishing and Biden’s continued neglect of the rule of law shows he is not fit to serve as President.

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