You won’t believe what Democrats are earmarking $3 billion in the spending bill to do to low income neighborhoods

Joe Biden’s bloated socialist spending bill continues to fail, even in his own party.

The exorbitant price tag has elected officials on the Right and Left saying no way.

And you won’t believe what Democrats are earmarking $3 billion in the spending bill to do to low income neighborhoods.

It’s no secret the Democrats’ massive spending bill includes billions for left-wing environmental activists’ pet projects.

But no one knew until now that part of those pet projects includes planting more trees in low-income neighborhoods to create “tree equity.”

Yes, “tree equity.”

The legislation reads:

“$2,500,000,000 to provide multi-year, programmatic, competitive grants to a State agency, a local governmental entity, and agency or governmental entity of the District of Columbia, an Indian Tribe, or a nonprofit organization through the Urban and Community Forestry Assistance program established under section 9(c) of the Cooperative.”

“Forestry Assistance Act of 1978 (16 U.S.C. 2105(c)) for tree planting and related activities to increase tree equity and community tree canopy and associated societal and climate co-benefits, with a priority for projects that benefit underserved populations; and $100,000,000 for the acquisition of urban and community forests through the Community Forest and Open Space Program of the Forest Service.”

What the Left thinks turning low income neighborhoods “green” will do is anyone’s guess, but Senator Tom Cotton made it known that he was outraged by the idea.

“Inflation is spiking at record levels, and the Democrats want to spend $3,000,000,000 ($3 BILLION) that we don’t have on ‘tree equity,’” Cotton tweeted.

Americans are being pummeled by supply chain issues and record high inflation but Democrats are worried about trees.

Many are questioning if this is all a joke.

Sadly, it is not.

The “tree equity” provision is just one of numerous climate-related spending provisions in the bill.

Democrats just do not care about the American people.

They are far more worried about power and implementing communist agendas.

It won’t end here – this is just the beginning for radical leftists.

The Biden regime won’t give up until every American is fully dependent on the government.

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