You won’t believe this racist statement a Stanford professor just made about COVID masks

On top of draconian lockdowns and vaccine mandates, the radical Left is now bringing race into conversation about coronavirus.

Unfortunately, it isn’t even surprising one bit.

And you won’t believe this racist statement a Stanford professor just made about COVID masks.

Left-wing educators and college professors are starting to apply Marxist Critical Race Theory to everything they do or say.

College professors across the country are brainwashing their students into thinking about every problem or conflict through the prism of race, which is dividing Americans further and further.

Now, elite professors are calling people who are opposed to wearing masks racist for using their “whiteness” to get what they want.

Hakeem Jefferson, an assistant professor of political science at Stanford University, went on a Twitter tirade over people who refuse to wear masks.

Jefferson tweeted:

“Make no mistake, this crazy opposition to mask wearing that is leading folks (read white ppl) to act violently at school board meetings & council meetings & everywhere else – yeah, you can’t disconnect it from whiteness.”

He went on to double down on his previous post by tweeting:

“But you don’t see a bunch of Black folks storming meetings. And it’s not just cause these white folks are GOP. It’s cause they’re white, & believe whiteness confers upon them a kind of power that places them above gov action.”

What’s worse than the racist words Jefferson tweeted is the nauseating, pompous tone in which he chastises white people for being . . . white.

Someone’s skin color has absolutely nothing to do with whether someone is against mask mandates.

People like Hakeem Jefferson hide behind the authority of the ivory towers they work in and Tweet racist garbage, knowing that no one will question their so-called “expertise” because of the institutions they work for.

Sadly, this is just one professor of many who are spreading toxic ideas like this one to the next generation of American leaders and it has to stop.

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