You won’t believe the two words a top female rap artist used to describe a second term for Joe Biden

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Most Hollywood celebrities and famous entertainers are far-Left Democrats.

But there are a few exceptions.

And you won’t believe the two words a top female rap artist used to describe a second term for Joe Biden.

Former President Donald Trump has a broad base of support that includes a large number of Americans not traditionally associated with Republican candidates.

One of those Trump supporters is rapper Azealia Banks.

At age 32, Banks is considered the most controversial female rapper on the planet.

And she’s a fan of Donald Trump.

During an interview with Britain’s The Standard, Azealia Banks explained why she is drawn to Trump.

“He’s just f*****g funny,” Banks said about Trump. “He’s been through how many bankruptcies, how many wives, how many television shows?” she continued, before adding that “nothing can take him down.”

She promoted Trump’s record of peace, as he did not start any new wars while in the White House.

“Well, he didn’t press it the first time,” she replied when asked how she would feel about Trump having the nuclear football. “You never know, Biden might hit the wrong s**t on the antennae and blow the whole thing up.”

As for Joe Biden serving a second term in the White House, Banks said she believes it would be pure “elder abuse.”

She also took a swipe at Trump’s top opponent, Ron DeSantis, who she self-diagnosed with “fat boy syndrome.”

However, Banks is a proud resident of DeSantis’ Florida, where she admits to feeling “way safe” because “everyone carries a gun.”

Banks is also not a fan of Big Tech’s censorship regime.

But she referred to cancel culture as her “biggest f*****g blessing.”

“If you don’t get canceled you’re not, like, cool,” Banks said.

But while Banks may love Donald Trump and support the Second Amendment, she is far from a right-wing conservative.

She pushes the Left’s racial agenda by supporting $100 trillion in slavery reparations to African Americans and claiming that free speech is only reserved “for white men.”

Banks also took aim at Ron DeSantis over his battle with Disney after the company supported grooming young children into the woke gender ideology.

“Seriously, that’s the guy who’s running for President?” Banks said. “The guy who wants to argue with Mickey Mouse?” she continued. “Mm – Okay.”

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