You won’t believe the frightening plan Biden and the Democrats have for mask mandates

Joe Biden is moving full speed ahead with his crippling COVID policies.

The Supreme Court declared his vaccine mandate unconstitutional, but he continues to push strict pandemic procedures.

And you won’t believe the frightening plan Biden and the Democrats have for mask mandates.

Democrats are determined to extend the forever-pandemic for as long as possible.

Conservatives and counter-narrative liberals have suspected this for a while, but now the COVID hysterics are just coming out and saying it.

A government official in Maryland essentially said that she expects schools to wear masks until the end of time.

“I have not been thinking about a maskless classroom…The only classroom I’ve been thinking about is one where teaching and learning takes place from the time the kids walk in until the time they leave…The only off-ramp I want is the one where COVID no longer exists…I don’t think that that off-ramp will exist. I think this is how our life will be…and we’re showing that we’re adaptable and we can make whatever necessary changes so that we can keep our students learning and safe,” Monica Goldson, CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools stated.

So Goldson says masking will last until COVID is eradicated, which is never.

This is how unhinged the COVID regime has become.

The Democrats’ obsession with masks is not supported by science.

Nevertheless, Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks doubled down on Goldson’s hardline mask stance.

Alsobrooks said, “The masks have been our best way of keeping all of us safe, and until and unless we hear otherwise from our health professionals, we’re going to continue to stay the course.”

However, health professionals like CNN medical expert Dr. Leana Wen said that cloth masks were nothing more than “facial decoration.”

As for the more robust N95 masks, they are only effective when worn properly, which children do not do.

Not only do children wear them incorrectly, the masks themselves become petri dishes for germs.

“We’ll see what the science says, and we’ll follow it, and if the science says at some point it is safe for us to remove the mask we’ll do that, but otherwise, we’re in no hurry to do anything that jeopardizes the health of our students,” Alsobrooks concluded.

One of the shameful consequences of COVID policies is that childhood development has taken a backseat to paranoia.

Children are taking much longer to learn how to read because they are not able to see people’s faces.

The forever pandemic must end, but Democrat officials have other ideas.

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