You won’t believe the aid Democrats just gave to this communist state

Democrats gave up trying to hide just how radical they are a long time ago.

They openly endorse socialism and Marxism daily.  

And you won’t believe the aid Democrats just gave to this communist state.

Since the late 1950’s, Cuba has been ruled under the iron fist of a communist regime founded by Fidel Castro.

The country’s citizens experience constant political repression, food shortages, and economic stagnation.

And it seems those grievances are coming to a head. 

There is currently a massive movement in Cuba pushing to end the socialist dictatorship that has plagued the nation for decades.

Their cries for freedom and democracy are echoing around the world. 

But Democrats here in the United States are now aiding the socialist regime by applauding them while pinning the maladies the Cuban people experience on America. 

Some Democrats, like Bernie Sanders, tacitly acknowledged the socialist regime has been committing violence against protestors saying, “I call on the Cuban government to respect opposition rights and refrain from violence,” while in the next breath condemning America saying, “It’s also long past time to end the unilateral U.S. embargo on Cuba, which has only hurt, not helped, the Cuban people.”

Others went even further, openly praising the blood thirsty socialist dictators and trashing on the United States. 

Shahid Buttar, a Democrat running for Congress tweeted, “Not only is the illegal U.S. embargo responsible for shortages in Cuba, but Cubans enjoy substantial rights (eg to healthcare, housing) that we Americans are denied. Might those two conditions be somehow related?”

The divide between Republican and Democrat is clearer than it ever has been. 

Long gone are the days where Democrats and Republicans argued over what the tax rate ought to be or if Social Security should be expanded. 

Instead, Democrats are brazenly declaring their love for socialist killers and their contempt for the United States – a country they supposedly “serve.”

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