You will not believe what Joe Biden did when a reporter asked him about the most recent cyberattack

The Democrat Party continues to paint the picture that Joe Biden is competent and more than capable of handling his role as president.

Of course, Biden is often hidden away somewhere, making it much easier to claim he’s mentally stable because no one can see him or hear him.

But you will not believe what Joe Biden did when a reporter asked him about the most recent cyberattack.

Biden’s handlers may have thought they could just keep him away from the public initially, but it’s obviously getting harder for them to do so.

There was bound to come a time when they could no longer hide the President of the United States in the White House basement.

And the more Biden gets “let out,” the clearer it is that his mental faculties are rapidly declining.

The media has been lobbing softball questions to Joe Biden from the second he won the Democrat Presidential nomination.

Clearly, the Democrat-controlled press wouldn’t want to embarrass him by asking something he couldn’t possibly answer, so they stick to important things such as his favorite ice cream flavor.

However, in recent weeks some in the press corps are asking questions that aren’t so easily answered.

At least not for Joe Biden.

On a recent trip, as the press padded after Biden hanging on his every word, one reporter asked him about the most recent cyberattack.

According to reports, almost one thousand businesses worldwide were hit with ransomware during this attack, likely making it the biggest attack of its kind.

Many are saying that Russia was behind the attack, but that has yet to be confirmed or denied.

When the reporter asked Biden about the attack, the President appeared lost and unsure of what was happening.

Biden froze.

After some very awkward silence, Biden reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out an index card that he appeared to read talking points off of.

This cyberattack was like nothing ever seen before, and the President of the United States needs talking points to remember the details.

Biden’s moments of confusion are starting to become more frequent, and the calls for a mental capability screening are becoming louder.

Democrats continue to pull the puppet strings in hopes of keeping the issues of his cognitive decline hidden, but it’s just not working anymore.

Joe Biden is not fit to serve the American people.

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