You will feel the urge to break stuff when you find out what the Biden administration is giving illegal aliens

    When Democrats aren’t busy calling their political opponents racists, they’re buying votes with free giveaways.

    And now there are more freebies than ever thanks to President Joe Biden’s southern border crisis.

    You’ll want to throw things and break stuff when you hear what the Biden administration is giving those illegal aliens and why.

    With every passing month, the crisis on America’s southern border grows worse.

    Under President Joe Biden, the number of illegals crossing our border and then let free into the country has increased more than 11-fold.

    The Biden administration is letting illegal aliens and bogus asylum seekers leave Texas prisons and to migrate into the continental United States – often to never be heard from again.

    And the numbers are only expected to grow now that the Biden administration has reversed the Trump Era Title 42 provisions that allowed migrants to be sent back into Mexico.

    Now, it’s been discovered that Biden and immigration czar Kamala Harris are giving illegals free smartphones.

    Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy got White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to admit to the giveaway of expensive smartphones that hard working Americans struggle to afford to border crossers who entered the country illegally.

    “Texas is saying you guys (the Biden Administration) are starting to give smartphones to border crossers, hoping they’ll use the phones to check in or be tracked,” Doocy stated. “Which part of the that is supposed to deter people from illegally crossing into the states?”

    Psaki, true to form, avoided the implication that free smartphones would actually serve as a magnet to draw more illegal aliens to the United States, not deter them.

    Instead, she chose to attack her rival, then quickly changed gears.

    “Well, I think you of all people (Doocy), since you’ve asked me a range of questions on this topic over time, would recognize that we need to take steps to know where individuals are and we can track it and check in with them,” Psaki answered.

    You’ll notice her spin is an admission the administration is indeed giving free smartphones to illegals.

    She’s hoping you’ll focus on what a pest Doocy is instead.

    Of course, the Biden administration isn’t checking in after so-called “asylum seekers” enter America illegally and hop a bus for their favorite supposed Sanctuary City.

    In fact, according to the Homeland Security Lifecycle Report, 87% of Central Americans who claim they’re seeking asylum when they’re apprehended at the border are denied status because they either don’t qualify for asylum – because they’re not being persecuted in their home country, they just don’t like living in the third world – or they don’t show up to their scheduled court dates.

    The report also finds fewer than 10% actually leave the U.S. once ordered.

    And now, thanks to President Biden, they’ll have a nice, shiny iPhone to help them evade ICE.

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