You will be shocked when you hear what Ron DeSantis had to say about Biden’s vaccine mandate

Joe Biden’s true desire to be a dictator was never more apparent than when he handed down a decree to the private sector mandating they vaccinate their employees.

The Left is pushing for a communist state, and it starts by forcing citizens to get a shot just to keep their jobs.

And you will be shocked when you hear what Ron DeSantis had to say about Biden’s vaccine mandate.

The American people are pushing back, and Joe Biden has found himself in worse shape than he was two months ago.

After Biden’s announcement last month of an unconstitutional vaccine mandate that would affect almost 100 million American workers, many began to rise up.

People have had it with Biden’s decrees and dictator-style ruling.

Governors across the country have issued executive orders banning the mandates.

This, of course, only infuriates Biden even more.

One of the most vocal opponents is Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has been making headlines for months by pushing back against all of Biden’s unconstitutional mandates.

Now DeSantis is warning people that not only is forcing workers to get the vaccine completely out-of-line and un-American, but it is also likely to destroy the already ailing economy.

“The fact of the matter is, you take in medical with nurses, even if a fraction of them decide that this is not something they want to do and leave, it will absolutely cause a lot of these health systems to hemorrhage, and then you look at all these other companies that do it and so, I know Biden is trying to force this on everybody,” DeSantis stated during a recent press conference.

But DeSantis wasn’t stopping there and continued on to make sure people understood how harmful this is to the American economy.

“I don’t think you should get fired over this issue, and we want to protect people’s jobs, but two, it absolutely is going to have a negative impact on the economy if you’re causing people to lose these jobs because then you got to find those folks,” DeSantis continued.

Americans have already seen the economy spiral downward since Biden has taken office and these types of actions by the Left will only make it worse.

Of course, if you’re paying attention, you’ll realize that is exactly what Biden and the Democrat Party wants.

If the economy is bad, people will depend on the government to help them and then it’s only a matter of time before the Left has complete control.

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