You will be furious when you learn how much of your tax money is going to healthcare for illegal immigrants

Ever since Biden & Harris took power, conditions at our southern border have gone from bad to worse to a full-scale humanitarian crisis.

This surge of illegal immigration is largely due to Biden’s open border policies, along with his administration’s public hostility towards the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

While America’s problems at the border are no surprise, what will shock you is just how much healthcare for these illegal immigrants is costing taxpayers like you.

Make no mistake about it, the Biden economy is failing countless Americans every single day.

Frequent supply chain disruptions, skyrocketing gas prices, and inflation are costing American families at least an extra three hundred and eighty-five dollars a month, according to a recent report from Congress’ Joint Economic Committee.

And Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is only making things worse, including the crisis at the southern border.

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that thousands of Russians have fled that hellhole of a country and traveled to Tijuana, a Mexican city on the U.S.-Mexican border and a hub for illegal immigration.

Keeping all of that in mind, taxpayers should shudder to think of how much we’ll be paying for the healthcare of illegal immigrants this year – ESPECIALLY once they see how much we spent on it in 2021.

According to ICE’s 2021 annual report, which was recently released, the Biden-Harris Administration spent over three hundred and sixteen MILLION dollars to provide comprehensive medical, mental health, dental, and public health services to over eighty-eight thousand illegal immigrants.

And Breitbart reports that “Last year, ICE facilitated 88,430 intake screenings, 13,622 emergency room visits, 8,497 dental visits, 12,041 urgent care visits, 78,202 sick calls, and 46,496 mental health interventions for illegal aliens in their custody.”

But what’s even more infuriating about this is the fact that on top of the previously mentioned $316,000,000, Americans are paying over $18.5 billion a year in medical costs for illegal aliens living inside of our country, according to estimates by immigration policy experts.

And there you have it, Biden is spending billions of your tax dollars to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants.

You see, Open-Border Biden doesn’t care that families across the country are struggling to put food on their tables or that it costs them an arm-and-a-leg to fill up their gas tanks.

All he cares about is keeping the radical Left happy because he knows the Democrats are toast in the upcoming midterm elections if they decide to stay home.

That’s why he’s willing to waste billions on this losing issue and make not only America’s illegal immigration crisis but also our inflation problems much, much worse.

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