“Woke” students walked out of an event for a pathetic reason

College campuses have become hopelessly far-left.

Decades of indoctrination and political correctness have made the environment toxic.

Now, “woke” students walked out of an event for a pathetic reason.

People have joked about universities being far-left for years.

And they made two assumptions about this phenomenon: (1) the students would grow out of it once they got into the real world, and (2) the radicalism would not infect the STEM fields.

Both of those assumptions were dead wrong.

The radicals have grown their numbers in “the real world,” and they have nudged toward an environment that resembles the university.

And “wokeness” has taken root in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Now medical students at the University of Michigan walked out of an event because the keynote speaker was pro-life.

The Daily Mail reported that “incoming University of Michigan medical school students staged a walk-out during the pro-life keynote speaker’s speech during their White Coat Ceremony. Hundreds of students had previously petitioned to get Dr. Kristin Collier, assistant professor of medicine at UMMS, removed from the initiation because of her anti-abortion stance. But after their first protest failed, dozens of students got up from their seats and left the auditorium as [Dr.] Collier took to the stage to address them. Footage shows some of those present clapping as Dr. Collier starts her speech, but others stood and filed out as she continued to speak. Starting her speech, Collier said that she was ‘honored’ to have been chosen as the speaker, ignoring the mass walkout.”

Dr. Collier didn’t even give a pro-life speech; the students simply could not be in the presence of someone who is pro-life.

That’s how parasitic the “woke” virus is.

Leftists cannot even be around people who disagree with them.

The radical students created a petition that read, “While we support the rights of freedom of speech and religion, an anti-choice speaker as a representative of the University of Michigan undermines the University’s position on abortion and supports the non-universal, theology-rooted platform to restrict abortion access, an essential part of medical care. This is not simply a disagreement on personal opinion; through our demand we are standing up in solidarity against groups who are trying to take away human rights and restrict medical care. We demand that UM stands in solidarity with us and selects a speaker whose values align with institutional policies, students, and the broader medical community. This speaker should inspire the next generation of healthcare providers to be courageous advocates for patient autonomy and our communities.”

Despite paying lip service to free speech, the authoritarian leftists tried to get the speaker shut down.

Among incoming students, 100 signed, as did 248 current students.

These are the cultists who will be the next wave of doctors.

And the problem is just as bad in other disciplines; law schools are substantially worse.

Thankfully, the school’s dean did not bend to the mob, but people in academia willing to stand up to the mob are a dying breed.

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