Winsome Sears showed the world what she’s made of after this CNN host tried to attack her

Republicans cleaned house in the November 2 statewide elections in Virginia, and it has Democrats very scared.

The people spoke and let the Democrat Party know they have had enough of the radical agenda.

And Winsome Sears showed the world what she’s made of after this CNN host tried to attack her.

Lt. Governor-elect, Winsome Sears, is the Left’s worst nightmare.

She’s a black female, retired marine with conservative views.

The Left is so triggered by Sears and all that she stands for that they tried to claim Virginians were racist for electing her.

And now, Sears is taking on one of CNN’s most left-wing personalities – Dana Bash.

In a recent interview, Bash asked Sears about the Lt. Governor’s opposition to teaching Critical Race Theory in schools.

Bash tried to push the lie that CRT isn’t part of the curriculum in Virginia schools and that’s when Sears pounced.

Sears quickly pointed out the lie.

“Well, let me backup. I beg to differ that CRT is not taught,” Sears interjected.

Bash responded by trying to play word games, “I didn’t say that. I said it’s not in the curriculum just to be clear,” Bash responded.

Sears wasn’t letting Bash get away with perpetuating lies.

“No, it is weaved in and out of the curriculum. In 2015, the former Governor, who was just defeated, McAuliffe, his state Board of Education had information on how to teach it, so it’s weaved in. So you know, it’s semantics, but it’s weaved in,” Sears stated.

The Lt. Governor-elect wasn’t backing down – she continued on making sure Bash knew that she fully supports teaching all history and stopping the teaching of CRT in Virginia classrooms.

“What we want to say and what governor-elect Youngkin has said is that all of history must be taught, the good, the bad and the ugly. Because what we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history, and we continue to repeat the same mistakes,” Sears said.

CNN and the other Fake News Media outlets continue to push the lie that children aren’t being subjected to CRT in the classroom, but Americans know better.

The Left is so beside itself that a black woman wouldn’t support the teaching of it that they’ve resorted to calling her and her supporters names.

It’s evident that leftists are losing their minds over Winsome Sears and it’s, quite frankly, enjoyable to watch.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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