What this WHO official just said about China’s COVID cover-up will shock you

China has been hiding everything to do with the COVID-19 pandemic that originated in Wuhan.

And the World Health Organization has been aiding their cover-up.

But what this WHO official just said about China’s COVID cover-up will shock you.

The Chinese Communist Party has been lying about COVID since the beginning of the pandemic. 

They knew the virus was spreading for months earlier than they officially announced it to the world. 

Scientists from other nations were barred from entering China to study the outbreak, and a gag order was imposed on all Chinese newspapers and scientists that prevented them from disclosing any information about COVID.

The WHO has been largely complicit, giving China free passes for impeding origin research.

But one WHO official just went off script. 

In an interview on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, WHO advisory board member Jaime Metzl said:

“The problem is the Chinese have engaged in a massive cover-up that is going on until today involving destroying samples, hiding records, placing a universal gag order on Chinese scientists and imprisoning Chinese citizen journalists asking the most basic questions. That’s what we need to get around.”

Metzl believes the COVID-19 virus likely originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a lab known for conducting gain of function research on viruses and classified experiments for the Chinese military.

And reports are coming out that the structure of the virus points to genetic manipulation from humans, indicating that it likely was created or experimented on by scientists before the outbreak. 

If China keeps giving international scientists the silent treatment, it only incriminates them more.

“The more China stonewalls, the more suspicious that it looks . . . China may not want to investigate the origins of this pandemic, or maybe they already know how it started, but we can’t give China a veto over whether or not we investigate the worst pandemic in a century,” Metzl concluded.

We may never know the true origin of COVID-19, and you can thank Chinese Communists and complicit WHO bureaucrats for that.

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