What this “Squad” member said about the police will have you seeing red

Make no mistake about it, crime is on the rise in Joe Biden’s America.

Democrat-controlled cities are seeing spikes in violent crime and our brave law enforcement officers are being attacked at a record rate.

But instead of showing support, or even concern, for law enforcement, this member of the socialist “Squad” just said something so infuriatingly stupid that you’ll be fuming mad for weeks to come.

Recently, it’s finally dawned on Democrats or at least their campaign consultants that they’re going to get wiped out in the 2022 Midterm election.

And one of the reasons for their impending demise has been their anti-police rhetoric.

You see, it turns out that people prefer to have their communities free of crime and safe for their children to grow up in.

However, it also turns out that in order to have safe, crime-free communities you need police officers and departments around to make sure it stays that way.

This is why during an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Nancy Pelosi took to the airwaves to distance Democrats from the more extreme elements of her party by saying that defunding the police is “not the position of the Democratic Party.”

Everyone can clearly see that it is the polling numbers that have caused Pelosi to change her tune on law enforcement.

And, unfortunately for Pelosi, Democrat Congresswoman Cori Bush also saw through this ruse, which prompted her to lash out against the Speaker of the House on Twitter.

Rep. Cori Bush tweeted, “With a mandate to end police brutality, why oppose redirecting money from racist policing into social programs proven to save Black lives? Our movement for racial justice helped deliver the White House & Congress. We won’t stop until we get justice.”

Say what you will about Cori Bush, and rest assured we will, at least she’s been consistent with her hatred of the police.

That’s why during a previous appearance on CBS News, Congresswoman Bush said, “Defunding the police has to happen…because we’re trying to save lives.”

Now if the police were defunded, as Cori Bush would like, criminal activities like shootings would naturally skyrocket.

What’s ironic about that is the fact Rep. Bush’s car has been shot up twice in less than two years.

And naturally, if there was no police around, rich people like Cori Bush, who reportedly spent over sixty-five thousand dollars on private security in 2021, would have to pay even more money for private security.

While it is unlikely that Cori Bush will change her tune on law enforcement anytime soon, it is encouraging to see some in her party start to push back and distance themselves from this nonsense.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

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