What this Republican Governor did left Joe Biden with nowhere to hide

Joe Biden’s world is crumbling down around him.

His constant failures and gaffes are catching up to him whether he realizes it or not.

And what this Republican Governor did left Joe Biden with nowhere to hide. 

Joe Biden has been fumbling the ball ever since he was inaugurated.

And one of the biggest Biden blunders is at the border.

Under his “leadership,” the number of border crossings and people held in detention facilities for crossing the border has skyrocketed.

Instead of denying entry or deporting the illegal immigrants, he has been bussing them to red states across the nation or forcing them to stay in crowded facilities during the pandemic.

The reason is obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. 

Biden is banking on the hope that he will pick up more seats during the midterms and ram through amnesty for all illegal immigrants who are here.

This would all but ensure Democrat control of the federal government for years.

But one Republican Governor has had enough of Joe Biden’s antics.

Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota announced this past Tuesday that he will be sending National Guardsmen to the border to bolster America’s defense against unwanted trespassers.

In a tweet, he said “We have monitored the ongoing crisis at the southern border and will send 125 @NDNationalGuard soldiers from the 957th Engineer Company at the Army’s request to help secure our border. Grateful for our courageous Guard members’ readiness to protect our great state and nation.”

Border states like Texas and Arizona have already spent billions of dollars to quell the crisis at the border with no help from the Executive branch. 

But unfortunately for Biden, red states aren’t going to quit on making sure America is a nation with borders, law, and order. 

North Dakota is the seventh state to send personnel to the border, and they certainly won’t be the last. 

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