What this Marine said about Jeffrey Epstein’s death has the political elite running scared

The story of Jeffrey Epstein continues to draw the attention of people around the world.

Epstein’s unusual death and those connected with him have made for a real-life soap opera.

And what this Marine said about Jeffrey Epstein’s death has the political elite running scared.

The supposed suicide of Jeffrey Epstein while in a jail cell continues to make headlines, as do those who are allegedly linked to Epstein.

Americans can’t get enough of the story.

Recently, a video went viral of Marine James Kilcer in a convenience store.

In the video Kilcer is seen very calmly disarming a robber in a Yuma, Arizona store.

Kilcer shot to stardom immediately upon the video going viral and TV shows around the country clamored for an interview.

Dana Perino of Fox News scored an interview with the now famous Marine.

Upon the closing of the interview Kilcer stated, “Remember. Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

A clearly amused Perino ended the interview and moved on.

Scores of people around the world continue to question the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s alleged suicide.

The bedsheet he supposedly hung himself with was flimsy and made that way intentionally so prisoners could not hang themselves.

The security guards who were supposed to be watching Epstein made multiple errors on their shift that night and were, in a few instances, totally oblivious to what Epstein was doing.

Many speculate Epstein in fact did not kill himself and it was instead a staged suicide.

Given Epstein’s history and his clear connections with the likes of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates and many others it seems in the realm of possibility someone wanted Epstein done away with before he spilled the beans.

Top aide to Bill Clinton admitted in a Vanity Fair article that Clinton had previously traveled to Epstein’s private island, which Clinton has denied.

The Clinton connection has the rumor mill swirling with many believing it was the Clinton’s that offed the tycoon.

Especially since Epstein’s death meant there would no longer be a public trial, which ultimately would have revealed the secret behaviors and lifestyles of some very famous people.

No one will ever know what really happened but many Americans continue to believe that, “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

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