What this Florida man said about Ron DeSantis left Democrats red with rage

The Democrats are desperate to kneecap Ron DeSantis.

They see him as a popular successor to Donald Trump if he chooses not to run again.

But what this Florida man said about Ron DeSantis left Democrats red with rage.

The corporate-controlled press despises Ron DeSantis, but unfortunately for them, the voters of Florida do not.

Governor DeSantis has a commanding lead over challenger Charlie Crist, and he’s raised more money than any Governor in history.

He also has an approval rating above 50%, so he’s even getting some support from Democrats.

And one self-described Democrat said he was pulling the lever for DeSantis in November.

A resident of Arcadia, Florida in DeSoto County explained, “That gas is here in Arcadia. I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but it’s here in Arcadia, so y’all know who we’re voting for . . . I’m voting for DeSantis, and I’m a Democrat.”

The clip quickly went viral, much to the dismay of Democrats.

DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw responded to the clip, “I think a lot of people could relate to what he is saying here. At the end of the day, it’s smart to vote for the person who is there for you and your community in a time of need, regardless of party.”

However, that isn’t the way the Democrats feel.

They have been twisting themselves in knots to blame DeSantis for Hurricane Ian somehow.

The Left have tried to suggest that he had been late to respond, but he’s shot down all of those fake narratives.

DeSantis recently told a reporter, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Give me a break. That is nonsense. Stop politicizing, okay? Stop it. We declared a state of emergency when this thing wasn’t even formed. We’ve had people in here, you’ve had counties doing – they’ve done a lot of hard work and honestly, you’re trying to attack me, I get, but, like, you’re attacking these other people who’ve worked very hard. And so that’s just totally false. I don’t think we’ve ever, certainly since I’ve been governor, declared a state emergency this early. We made sure that we were very inclusive with it. We said that there was a lot of uncertainty and then we’ve worked to make sure the preparations that have been done and all the stuff. You talk to the people at the counties. When they’ve needed something, stuff gets there very quickly because of what Kevin and his team have done.”

Regardless of what the Democrats and their Fake News Media allies say, the people of Florida are impressed with the job that DeSantis has done.

So are the people who are fleeing blue states for the free state of Florida.

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