What this DeSantis appointee said about the virus had leftists burning with rage

The COVID regime is becoming more extreme as more people tune them out.

The Left’s attacks on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have quieted down now that cases are no longer spiking.

And what this DeSantis appointee said about the virus had leftists burning with rage.

Despite mounds of evidence, COVID appears to be a seasonal virus.

The Left tried to paint Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a monster for not cracking down harder on a summer spike in cases, but Florida cases are down and blue areas in the northeast are seeing a rise in cases as temperatures drop.

COVID cases are tracking along last year’s lines.

DeSantis knew that would happen because he’s been very data-driven in his approach, as has his newly appointed Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo.

At a recent press conference, Ladapo pointed out that there is virtually no evidence that suggests masking young school children masks any sense.

Dr. Ladapo said:

“The data does not support any clinical benefit for children in schools with mask mandates. The highest quality data find no evidence of benefit.”

Other counter-narrative physicians and scientists have made similar arguments, but the COVID regime that demands people follow “the science” is doing exactly the opposite.

Sane countries did not disrupt schools and put masks on children.

But American politicians and public health officials want to make COVID the forever pandemic.

They aren’t ready to relinquish the control they’ve seized over the past 20 months.

There’s a reason red states like Florida and Texas are seeing heavy migration into the state, and California and Illinois are experiencing the opposite.

In 2020, California saw net negative migration for the first time in state history.

DeSantis’s data-based approach was why he was able to protect nursing home patients while former New York Governor condemned that population to death.

As Dr. Ladapo points out, it’s time to follow the data and not the media propaganda.

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