What this Biden official just said about Critical Race Theory will leave you red with rage

Critical Race Theory is hooking its claws into every institution across the nation.

Joe Biden has been one of its biggest proponents and enablers.

And what this Biden official just said about Critical Race Theory will leave you red with rage.

Since the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter has been hard at work trying to destroy America.

And the scope of their havoc goes beyond the billions of dollars in damage they doled out over the past year and the countless lives they cut short through their riots.

The founders of the organization are ardent Marxists, and their biggest push since Joe Biden was inaugurated has been to brainwash every American into accepting their radical agenda.

As a result, Critical Race Theory is making headlines as school districts everywhere decide whether to include it in their curriculum.

At the heart of it is the idea that the United States has always been a racist state designed to keep minorities oppressed and white people in luxury.

Students are taught that being white makes you an implicit supporter of this system that must pay and be silenced, while being a racial minority makes you a victim deserving of reparations.

And Republican representatives have spoken out about this grave injustice. 

But White House Deputy Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre says that Republicans who oppose critical race theory (CRT) are “trying to score political points” with voters.

She even claims that CRT is just teaching the fullness of history saying, “Our children should learn all of our history. We don’t think politicians trying to score political points by banning parts of our history in the classroom is a good thing.”

To Biden and his political lackeys, the notion that America is irredeemably racist and our founding principles are flawed is “the truth” that must be taught. 

Unfortunately for them, parents are fighting back against this divisive, racist scheme. 

It seems their entire plan may be crumbling down as Americans stand up to their lies.

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