What these ladies on The View said about abortion will make you sick to your stomach

The left-wing hosts on The View hate conservatives.

They will say anything to prove that fact.

And what these ladies on The View said about abortion will make you sick to your stomach. 

Abortion kills hundreds of thousands of unborn babies every year.

And the Left works overtime to make sure that doesn’t change.

Painting abortion as a “women’s rights” issue, they outright ignore the grizzly act itself, and instead simply attack anybody who opposes abortion as “anti-women.”

In this fashion, the far-left ladies of The View ran entire segment about a high school student giving a pro-abortion speech at her high school’s graduation in Texas. 

Whoopi Goldberg praised the student for “ditch[ing] the speech her school approved her to make to take a stand against the state’s latest anti-abortion law,” before presenting a question to the other co-hosts:

“Well, we’re always telling young people to figure out where they stand and make a stand. Sunny, do you think this was the place for her to go off script?” she asked co-host Sunny Hostin.

Hostin, who describes herself as a Catholic, heaped more praise for the teen girl, despite Hostin herself claiming to be “pro-life.”

“Absolutely, I do,” Hostin said. “I mean she’s the valedictorian of the school. That means she’s the best and the brightest in that class. I don’t think that there’s a place for censorship anywhere. This country is about freedom of speech. We talk so much about the First Amendment. I understand in this case the school had approved her speech and she didn’t, you know, speak in the way that was approved.”

The co-hosts on The View almost certainly wouldn’t make the same anti-censorship argument if the student made a pro-life speech.

Hostin concluded by stating, “at this time in our country our voices are so important and especially the voices of our young people because without their voices our democracy is nothing but for that. So I applaud her.”

Ana Navarro spoke of the speech by laughably declaring, “I think it’s so much part of being a young person and speaking truth to power and being anti-establishment. I love what this represents.”

As if supporting abortion, which has been wrongly codified in case law since the ‘70s is “anti-establishment.”

But out of all the co-hosts, Joy Behar responded with the most insane claim she may have ever made on the show. 

Behar urged pro-life Americans to vote Democrat, claiming that the abortion-championing party being in power will actually result in fewer abortions. 

“If you’re pro-choice or pro-life you should vote for Democrats because under Democrats you’ll see few fewer abortions,” Behar said. 

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