What these damning videos revealed about Joe Biden will leave you speechless

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Events continue to fly off the rails.

Joe Biden is in deep trouble.

And what these damning videos revealed about Joe Biden will leave you speechless.

The Democrat Party’s continually inching towards supporting Hamas and calls for a ceasefire are emboldening terrorist supporters here in America.

Coordinated rallies backing Hamas and condemning Israel broke out around the globe over the weekend.

One of the scariest scenes was in Washington, D.C.

Violent Hamas supporters scaled the fence at the White House and threw objects at the Secret Service agents guarding the premises to cheer on the Hamas terrorists that killed 1,200 people.

Other Hamas extremists chanted for the complete genocide of the Jewish people and a return to the borders of 1948.

Pro-Hamas rioters desecrated national monuments by adorning them with Islamic garb and Palestinian flags.

This demonstration was a direct attack on the Capitol of American democracy.

Liberal activists scaled fences at the White House and attacked members of law enforcement tasked with keeping the President and his family safe.

That law enforcement in Washington, D.C. and Democrats like Joe Biden tolerated this anarchy and support for terrorists exposed once again the two-tiered system of justice in America.

There won’t be an FBI manhunt for the violent demonstrators who attacked secret service agents.

No one will rot away in a Washington, D.C. jail for years awaiting their rigged show trial because law enforcement won’t try to arrest anyone.

If Trump supporters climbed the White House fence and attempted to injure the Secret Service with debris, Joe Biden’s police force would have dealt with them harshly and with potentially lethal means.

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