What the Democrats just did to Kamala Harris is downright humiliating

    Make no mistake about it, Kamala Harris has been an abject failure as Vice President.

    In fact, she is doing so badly at her largely ceremonial job that her approval rating is actually WORSE than Joe Biden’s.

    And because of her unpopularity, Democrats just had to do one of the most humiliating things imaginable to the Vice President.

    Admittedly Kamala’s transition from United States Senate to the vice presidency has not been an easy one.

    One of the first “tasks” Joe Biden assigned Kamala to take care of was the humanitarian crisis at America’s southern border.

    Since then, there have been almost three million migrant encounters at America’s southern border.

    And with this increase of illegal immigration has come a rise in drug trafficking and seizures, including record amounts of fentanyl, which has killed countless Americans and ruined so many families lives.

    Aside from Kamala’s epic failure at tackling this continuously growing humanitarian crisis, it also took her almost six months to even visit the Southern border, which gave Republicans a powerful talking point to chastise the Biden Administration and Democrats with.

    And on top of that, Kamala Harris is apparently also a pretty terrible boss.

    Accusations of a toxic work environment have grown louder and louder as over twelve top level staffers have resigned, oftentimes taking worse-paying positions to simply escape Kamala’s office.

    An unnamed source told the New York Post, “People are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses and it’s an abusive environment. It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated. It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s***.”

    One of Kamala’s former aides described her as an office “bully” with a “soul-destroying” management style.

    And as the list of resignations from her office continues to grow, more reports have been found describing similarly toxic work environments in her Senate and State’s Attorney General offices.

    The few supporters of Harris that exist will blame the vice president’s low approval rating on either racism or sexism.

    And an even smaller minority of them are even accusing Joe Biden of setting her up to fail.

    Whatever the reason may be, Kamala Harris is very very unpopular.

    So much so that the Democrat National committee (DNC) had to postpone their Women’s Leadership Forum with Kamala Harris headlining the event due to a lack of ticket sales.

    That was undoubtedly a humbling experience for Harris.

    But what the DNC is now doing to the price of getting a picture with the vice president is downright humiliating.

    At their Women’s Leadership Forum, it would cost a donor fifteen thousand dollars to get a picture with Kamala.

    And now, at a fundraising event in Kamala’s home state of California, it will only cost five thousand dollars to get a picture with the vice president.

    So during a time where inflation is causing the price of everything to go up and up, the only thing that actually costs less is getting a picture with Kamala Harris.

    Whether Kamala Harris will cringely laugh off this embarrassment and her tanking approval ratings remains to be seen.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

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