What Terry McAuliffe just said about Critical Race Theory should scare every American

Education is a contentious issue around the country with parents more fired up than ever about what their children are being exposed to.

Virginia is currently in the midst of a fiery Governor’s race that has many across the country watching to see who prevails.

And what Terry McAuliffe just said about Critical Race Theory should scare every American.

Virginia Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, and former Governor, Terry McAuliffe, handed his Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin, a golden soundbite during a recent debate when he made a statement about parents that had everyone talking.

During the debate, McAuliffe stated that he believes parents should not determine what is taught in schools.

In one simple statement, McAuliffe declared war against parents.

Not surprisingly, the Youngkin campaign has been absolutely slamming McAuliffe at every turn.

The scary part, however, is this is really what the Left believes.

They do not believe parents should have the right to tell a school how to indoctrinate their children.

McAuliffe hasn’t backed down from his statement and, in fact, during a local interview just a few days later he doubled down.

Just last week, he denied that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a real issue and said parents concerned about their kids being indoctrinated are racists.

He also refused to define CRT, he just claims that it’s not being taught in Virginia schools.

CRT is absolutely infecting government schools across the country, so for McAuliffe to try and argue otherwise is just flat out lying.

McAuliffe also continues to smear Donald Trump in every public appearance he makes.

The constant Trump bashing isn’t winning him any votes and just makes him look weak and uninformed.

The Left knows they’re in trouble and that Americans are catching on to the outrageous federal overreach going on in the Biden administration.

Terry McAuliffe is just another arm of the radical Joe Biden regime.

To pretend CRT doesn’t exist and then smear Donald Trump to win votes, shows that McAuliffe, like most of the Democrat Party, doesn’t care about people – all he cares about is power.

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