What one woke church was caught doing to children will leave you questioning everything

The Left is unleashing an all-out assault on American culture.

Not even Christian churches are immune to the propaganda.

And what one woke church was caught doing to children will leave you questioning everything.

The late Rush Limbaugh once argued that people on the Left are liberals first, and everything else second.

That even applies to so-called “progressive” Christians who seemingly put their woke leftism before their religious faith.

Some churches have even split over culture war issues that contradict the Bible.

And one church in Houston is not only promoting transgenderism to children, but keeping their parents in the dark about it.

The Epoch Times reported that “outside a drag bingo event hosted by a pro-LGBT church in Texas, a microcosm of America’s culture war played out with liberals and conservatives screaming at each other across a boulevard on Saturday. About 300 Texas conservatives lined an entire block to protest the First Christian Church in Katy, which sponsored a sold-out family drag bingo event to raise money to benefit its ‘Transparent Closet.’ The clothing boutique was for ‘trans and exploring teens, youth and young adults,’ according to the church’s website.”

The “Transparent Closet” had chest binders, which are medically harmful for girls attempting to become boys, and other “gender-affirming” outfits.

An undercover journalist was able to gain access to the closet, but was eventually escorted out by security.

Far-left LGBT radicals claim to be “helping” children, yet their most extreme measures are done in secret because they know what they’re doing is controversial and upsetting for the majority of people.

The Epoch Times added that “Fabiana Pimentel, an immigrant mother with children enrolled in the Katy Independent School District, said she left Brazil 14 years ago and can’t believe what is happening in America. During the pandemic, she grew concerned about what her children were learning in the classroom and reading in school libraries. ‘I realized things are worse than I thought . . . I’m against the sexualization of kids.”

People from more traditionalist countries are appalled by what they’re seeing in America.

The Left is waging a war on America’s children, and the Democrats have allowed these ideas to go mainstream.

Now churches are fully embracing the most extreme elements of radical gender ideology.

If parents think the problem is going to go away on its own, they are sorely mistaken.

These ideas need to be exposed so parents can understand what’s really going on.

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