What Nancy Pelosi did after an Archbishop called the Democrat’s abortion bill “child sacrifice” will shock you

Despite her continued support of pro-abortion legislation, Nancy Pelosi says she’s Catholic.

Given the Catholic church’s centuries-old teachings against abortion, what church Pelosi belongs to is a mystery.

And what Nancy Pelosi did after an Archbishop called the Democrat’s abortion bill “child sacrifice” will shock you.

Both Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi support abortion but vehemently claim to be Catholic.

Democrats have put forward “The Women’s Health Protection Act” to solidify the abortion protections provided by the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

The “act” came amid a massive Democrat backlash over the new Texas law that effectively bans abortions after around six weeks.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone called the bill “misnamed” and said it’s “shameful that any self-professed Catholic would be implicated in such an evil, let alone advocate for it.”

“This proposed legislation is nothing short of child sacrifice,” the Archbishop continued.

How did the self-proclaimed Catholic, Nancy Pelosi, respond?

She defended the bill that Cordileone called “child sacrifice.”

Pelosi said she believes God gives people “free will to honor our responsibilities.”

So, murdering an innocent human being is now “honoring a responsibility.” That’s a strange play on words there, Nancy.

The House Speaker continued, “It’s none of our business how other people choose the size and timing of their families.”

Just the thought that killing a child is seen as nothing more than choosing the “size and timing” of a family to Pelosi should give everyone pause.

Discarding an innocent human life is not about convenience, but that’s what Pelosi believes it’s about.

Not a good time for a baby? Just get rid of it.

Nancy Pelosi also said that she and Archbishop Cordileone have a “disagreement about who should decide” if a woman can get an abortion.

Neither Joe Biden nor Nancy Pelosi can honestly believe they’re following the core tenants of the Catholic church.

They purposefully laugh in the face of the Bible and push, not for a right to “choose,” but for a right to kill.

Democrats don’t appear to like the term pro-choice when it applies to a woman choosing not to abort a baby.

It’s time everyone stops sugarcoating things and realizes that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party are fighting for a woman’s right to end an innocent life.

This isn’t about choice. It’s about murder.

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