What Mitch McConnell just said about Ukraine will leave your jaw on the ground

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RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell keeps finding out new ways to sell out conservatives and America.

But McConnell does not care in the least.

And what Mitch McConnell just said about Ukraine will leave your jaw on the ground.

Polls show an increasing number of Republicans – and Americans overall – opposing Congress funding Joe Biden’s war in Russia.

A new CBS/YouGov poll found 52 percent of Republicans oppose Congress providing more military aid to Ukraine.

America is $31 trillion in debt, the southern border is overrun by a flood of illegal aliens, and the community of East Palestine, Ohio, suffered from a toxic chemical spill following a train derailment.

Republicans want Congress and the administration to put America first for a change.

But Mitch McConnell insists that Ukraine and the Ukrainian people are a higher priority than America.

McConnell attacked the growing number of Republicans who oppose Joe Biden’s blank check for war in Ukraine.

“America and our friends need to finish waking up from our holiday from history, welcome Finland and Sweden into NATO by this summer, and make significant investments in military modernization and our defense-industrial capacities that are commensurate with the major challenges we face,” McConnell ranted.

McConnell then pushed a number of dubious and false claims that Putin – whose army cannot conquer and pacify Ukraine – would somehow march on NATO countries.

“If Putin were given a green light to destabilize Europe, invading and killing at will, the long-term cost to the United States in both dollars and security risks would be astronomically higher than the minuscule fraction of our GDP that we have invested in Ukraine’s defense thus far,” McConnell continued.

And McConnell completely supports the Biden administration escalating this war with news arms packages and sanctions.

The Daily Caller supports:

The military aid package includes new Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS), ammunition for 155mm artillery systems and High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), mine clearing equipment and secure communications support equipment, the statement read . . .

. . . The sanctions targeting Russian financial institutions, energy capabilities and technology and defense industries will be made in coordination with G7 partners and allies.

Mitch McConnell is a RINO who is out of step with the GOP base because he voted for gun control, Joe Biden’s Green New Deal, and corporate welfare bailouts.

But nowhere is Mitch McConnell increasingly more out-of-touch with Republican voters than on the endless and dangerous war against Russia.

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