What Karine Jean-Pierre just said about Bud Light will make you want to scream

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Bud Light still has some powerful allies.

In the face of a mounting boycott the beer giant is looking for friends anywhere it can find them.

But what Karine Jean-Pierre just said about Bud Light will make you want to scream.

Anheuser-Busch lost $6 billion in market cap following the inexplicable decision to promote transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney with a sponsorship deal.

Mulvaney is a biological adult male who dresses and acts like a teenage girl.

Leftists celebrate this and Bud Light sought to promote this lifestyle to its customer base as the kind of values the beer stands for.

The backlash was swift and severe.

Now White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre swooped in to defend Bud Light during a recent briefing.

Jean-Pierre outrageously complained that conservatives boycotting Bud Light – a form of political activism that dates back to the Civil Rights era – was somehow inciting violence against transgenders.

“When a transgender American posts a video about a brand of beer they enjoy, and it leads to bomb threats, it’s clear that level of violence and vitriol against transgender Americans has to stop,” Jean-Piere declared. “And the president has been very clear, the administration is going to do everything that they can to protect LGBTQI+ people who are under attack and that’s what we’ve been seeing across the country, especially in state houses. So we’re going to fight alongside them to protect their rights, they should be allowed to be who they are, who they want to be and they should be able to speak out, and we should be able to speak out, and others should be able to speak out against hate and discrimination.”

“Look, that type of dangerous rhetoric, that type of vitriolic language and violence, that needs to stop,” Jean-Pierre continued.

What Jean-Pierre left out was the fact that the violence involving transgenders is increasingly being committed by transgenders in pursuit of their political agenda.

A biological female pretending to be a male murdered six innocents – including three nine-year-olds – at a Nashville Christian school.

The domestic terrorist carried out this attack as part of a demented plan to advance the transgender political agenda by killing Americans perceived to be its so-called “enemies.”

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