What Kamala Harris just promised the Mexican Government will make your blood boil

Kamala Harris is used to throwing Americans under the bus.

Her radical record in Congress shows she’ll do anything to advance her socialist agenda. 

And what Kamala Harris just promised the Mexican Government will make your blood boil.

Since the Biden administration has been in power, the southern border between the United States and Mexico has been in shambles.

Biden thought he wiped his hands clean of the problem when he tasked Kamala Harris with fixing the crisis.

But instead of fixing it, she has repeatedly laughed off calls for her to visit the border and implement solutions.

Trying to save face, Harris just went on a state trip to Central America.

She begged Guatemalans to stop flooding the southern border and ostensibly said the US would enforce our border laws. 

Not even the Guatemalan president is buying it, saying Kamala and him “are not on the same side of the coin” when it comes to the issue of migration.

But it seems like Harris forgot the point of her trip when she got to Mexico. 

Rather than answer the flurry of questions from reporters on whether she will visit the border or how she will solve the crisis Biden’s policies created, she focused on pro-union rhetoric.

“President Joe Biden and I are proud of the fact that we will be the most pro-union administration we’ve seen. In that way, we see an alignment with the leadership in Mexico,” Harris told reporters during a press conference in Mexico’s capital.

After which she pledged $130 million in taxpayer dollars to support Mexican labor unions and their political projects. 

Rather than help Americans who are still reeling from government-mandated shutdowns, Kamala Harris would rather placate foreign union bosses with your hard-earned tax dollars.

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