What Joe Biden’s Director of National Intelligence spent on office furniture will leave you speechless

Joe Biden’s failed policies and stupid spending habits are causing America’s inflation pains to go from bad to worse.

Now we’re learning that Biden’s staff has been spending like drunken sailors for the last year.

And what Joe Biden’s Director of National Intelligence spent on office furniture will leave you speechless.

According to documents obtained by our friends at the Washington Free Beacon, Avril Haines, Biden’s Director of National Intelligence, spent over twelve thousand dollars on FOUR executive office chairs.

What’s even more insulting is the fact that in the purchase order, an Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) employee attempted to defend this indefensible expense by describing it as, “appropriate executive furniture that meets the level of the position in which they are charged with.”

While that outrageously out-of-touch answer should be enough to make your blood boil, this isn’t the first time Haines or other Biden bureaucrats lived lavishly on the taxpayer’s dime.

Haines’ office also spent over three thousand dollars on a seven-piece art set that features pictures of prominent D.C. landmarks.

And last fall, it was reported that Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack wasted nearly two thousand dollars on an ugly set of drapes.

Now you may be wondering if there was some sort of medical reason given to justify such an absurd price tag for Haines’ executive office chairs.


The 52-year-old Avril Haines has no documented back problems.

That means that Avril Haines and the Deep State Democrats in her ODNI office believe they deserve to waste thousands of your tax dollars on luxurious executive office chairs for their bureaucratic behinds.

It means that they don’t care if you, your family, or your friends are struggling to put food on the table, all they care about is stroking their elitist egos.

And it means that the Biden Administration is more tone deaf than we originally feared.

While it’s true that a Biden bureaucrat spending thousands on office chairs did not cause runaway inflation, it didn’t help.

Out-of-control government spending is what’s mainly causing the prices of everyday goods to skyrocket.

And the Biden Administration had better come to terms with that sooner rather than later, for all of our sakes.

So the next time you hear Joe Biden try to “pass the buck” (no pun intended) on inflation, you can look him straight in the eyes and say, “No Joe! It’s the spending, stupid!”

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