What CNN’s Jake Tapper said about Liz Cheney will make you sick to your stomach

This is Liz Cheney’s last year in Congress.

Wyoming voters booted her from office after she joined Pelosi’s witch hunt to take down Donald Trump.

And what CNN’s Jake Tapper said about Liz Cheney will make you sick to your stomach.

Wyoming is the most conservative state in America.

In both 2016 and 2020, Wyoming handed Donald Trump his largest margin of victory.

So naturally, Wyoming Republican voters were furious when Liz Cheney voted to impeach Donald Trump and then joined Pelosi’s witch hunt as Vice Chair.

Donald Trump vowed to defeat Liz Cheney, and threw his support behind attorney Harriet Hageman.

Even though polls showed Cheney trailing Hageman the entire race, she still refused to drop her obsession with attacking and smearing Donald Trump and his supporters.

Voters punished Cheney by handing Hageman a massive 37 point victory in the GOP Primary.

Cheney will serve in Congress until the end of this current session.

Cheney sat as Vice Chair on Thursday during the ninth hearing held by Pelosi’s January 6 Committee.

After the hearing, CNN host Jake Tapper showered Cheney with praise and held her up as a hero for sacrificing her career to hold Donald Trump “accountable.”

“There you have it, a moment in history,” Tapper said in response to the Committee subpoenaing Trump. “With nine aye votes, zero no votes, the Committee has now just decided unanimously to subpoena Donald J. Trump for both testimony and documents relating to the attempt to overturn the election.”

Tapper outright admitted that the hearings are purely “a theatrical display,” as “they could have just announced it in a press release, but they wanted this moment recorded before everyone in history.”

He then praised Cheney for “sacrificing her political career to try to get to the bottom of what happened on January 6 and hold Donald Trump accountable.”

Tapper wrapped up by giddily announcing that Liz Cheney hinted that Donald Trump “would be criminally referred to the Justice Department.”

Of course, this has been the goal of Pelosi’s Committee the entire time.

Pelosi created it to destroy Donald Trump by giving Merrick Garland what he needs to bring charges against the former President to stop him from running again in 2024.

Liz Cheney went along with it and lost her job.

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