What China is doing to citizens who don’t follow COVID rules will make you sick

China is known for its human rights abuses.

From the Uyghurs, to the Tibetans, to the Hongkongers to the Taiwanese, the Communist Chinese Government has ruled with an iron fist and cruel and unusual punishment, to say the least.

And what China is doing to citizens who don’t follow COVID rules will make you sick.

LeBron James, John Cena, and most of the Democrat Party have rushed to China’s defense.

But it will be interesting to see if they approve of the disgraceful tactics the Chi-Coms are perpetrating on supposed COVID rule breakers.

China is actually resorting to public humiliation as punishment for Omicron rule violators.

Armed police parade these “rule breakers” down the street in front of crowds of their peers and neighbors.

It’s eerily similar to Cersei Lannister’s infamous walk of atonement – or, walk of shame – on Game of Thrones.

The perpetrators are dressed in hazmat suits, holding placards displaying their mugshot.

You can watch the inhumane march in the Chinese city of Jingxi in the video below.

A series of new COVID regulations have been released, partly in an effort to prevent any threats to the Winter Olympics coming next month.

According to the U.S. Sun, only disease control vehicles are allowed on the roads.

Health officials inspect any car they see and violators can face 10 days in detention and a 500 Yuan fine.

Beijing has ordered all open spaces, buildings and roads to be disinfected.

And there have been random stay-at-home orders.

In fact, some residents are claiming they’re starving following a ban from leaving the house, preventing them from obtaining food.

“I’m about to be starved to death,” wrote one person on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Facebook. “There’s no food, my housing compound won’t let me out, and I’m about to run out of instant noodles . . . please help.”

It’ll be interesting to see what LeBron James, John Cena, and the Democrat Party think of these COVID policies.

Hopefully they don’t give President Joe Biden any bright ideas.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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